Tuesday, 26 May 2009

How much does teeth implants cost in the US? Does Insurance Pay For It?

Teeth implants costs

are not usually covered by dental insurance as they are cosmetic. So, you need to pay for this by yourself. But in some cases the dental insurance company does pay for a cheaper option like dental bridges.

That is they will not pay for the teeth implants costs that you incur but instead they would pay the amount equivalent to that of dental bridge. You will then the pay difference from your own pocket.

Teeth implants costs quite high. A ballpark figure works out to $4500 dollars per tooth. Depending on the dentist this might include - original tooth extraction, bone grafts, teeth implant, abutments and crown. Ask your dentist for a breakup of the teeth implants costs quote.

Teeth implants costs is a pretty long and expensive process. Bridges are a less expensive and also qualify for dental insurance. But they are not very attractive compared to implants and itt can also mess up the perfectly good teeth on either side of it causing their erosion over long term. In the long term teeth implants costs work out cheaper!!

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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Finding low teeth implants costs options

Finding low teeth implants costs is like asking for the impossible. There is no inexpensive platinum necklace. Same with teeth implants costs. Teeth implants are very expensive so an alternative is to go for are partial dentures, or see if they can do a bridge. If you really want a discount on your teeth implants costs then seek out a Dental College in your area, that will do them cheaper.

The fee for dental implants can be very variable depending on conditions that only can be determined after a clinical and X-ray evaluation . For example you may need aditional procedures as bone grafts, gum grafts, etc. And that will largely modify the amount of money that you will pay for the procedure.

You should see your dentist, to have yourself evaluated, and only after that you can know for sure how much you will pay. If you don't like the estimate, you can consult somebody else to have another opinion. But if everything is fine with your teeth and gums then you may be able to get those teeth implants costs that are within your budget.

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Friday, 22 May 2009

Teeth Implants Costs - The Factors To Consider

Teeth implants cost will be anywhere from $1200 to $2500 depending on the dentist and any problems that you might have. For example you might have infections, gum problems, abscess and so on.

A bad dentist can ruin the chances of reducing your tooth implants cost. One such dentist when working with a patient damaged the upper jaw and broke the bone in 5 places. The patient was in intense throbbing pain for several weeks. Apart from the pain in the jaw the patient also suffered from migraines for more than year.

Almost a year and several visits to the bad implant dentist later the patient sought a second opinion from another dentist. The patient was in great pain throughout this period. The x-rays showed that the previous dentist had damaged the upper jaw to such an extent that even the good teeth were going to fall off because there was nothing holding them up. The bone had been broken in so many places! Trying to cut teeth implants cost by going to a cheap dentist had cost the patient dearly.

The patient went in for 11 separate surgeries to fix the problems caused by the bad cosmetic dentist and now has a mouth full of artificial teeth and bone grafts. The patient ended up paying more than $8000 dollars to fix the problems, lost all her good teeth, sense of taste was severly impaired, can't eat several types of foods for the rest of his life and is only 26 years old. Had the patient gone to a good dentist in the first place her teeth implants cost would have been under $4000 dollars.

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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Tooth Implant Cost - Don't Let The High Cost Stop You!

Tooth implant cost is high. There's no doubt about that. At $3000 to $4500 dollars/per tooth it is a big deal for a lot of people. Added to this no insurance covers a tooth implant cost. The dental implant procedure is considered cosmetic and hence is not covered by dental insurance.

Sure, tooth implant cost is high but consider what you get in return. A new tooth that helps restore your self-confidence, your beautiful smile, your ability to talk as before, your ability to eat food as before and most important of all your self-esteem.

Missing teeth especially at the front can make a person socially inhibited. Especially, youngsters who will be in new relationships and friendships. On the other end of the age spectrum, the older people will find the tooth implant cost pays for itself as they are able to lead an almost normal life. So, the high tooth implant cost is not really high after all.

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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Reduce Your Teeth Implants Costs, Creatively

Teeth implants costs are quite high and for people without insurance and job it is nearly impossible to get dental implants.

Here are some creative ways you can use to get yours, for Teeth implants costs that are lower than what you would normally would pay your implant dentists.

1. Trade. Barter. Skills Exchange: That's right what can you do for implant dentist in return for your dental implants? I know a friend's cousin who exchanged his plumbing skills for dental implants. The dentist needed a good plumber for his new house, the cousin volunteered to do it in exchange for teeth implants. They worked out a deal. And he got his teeth implants costs down to bare minimum.

2. Negotiate, Bargain: I know this doesn't sound right but you can place your cards up front. Tell your dentist that you can't really afford the high costs quoted. Negotiate for a lower price but don't compromise on quality. Work out a deferred payment plan where you can pay for the teeth implants costs over time. Many dentists would be willing to take payments spread over several months.

3. Dental Schools: Find a dental school near you. Register early and dental implants for a fraction of the Teeth implants costs at the dentists.

Friday, 15 May 2009

How Much Do Teeth Implants Cost And How Long Is The Healing Time?

Most dental insurance plans don't cover teeth implants cost as they are considered as cosmetic dental procedures.

In case you had an accident and lost a tooth and you are undergoing the dental implant procedure to replace the tooth lost in accident then your teeth implants cost will be covered by your dental insurance company provided your dentist attests to this fact.

The teeth implants cost will depend to a great extent on where you live. But a ball park number is $1500 dollar for the implant and another $1000 to $1200 dollars for the crown.

You can check out the teeth implants cost in your area by talking to a few implant dentists in your city. They should be happy to provide you with the details. If you find a good, experienced and competent implant dentist then don't decide just based on the teeth implants cost alone.

In the long run you may end up paying more for your teeth implants cost if you choose a incompetent and inexperienced dentist.

The healing time for the tooth implant is about 3-6 months before the final crown is placed.

You may want to consult your dentist and negotiate a little about the teeth implants cost. Many will be willing to take a small cut rather than lose a patient.

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